Looking to buy Nushares

As the topic title says I’m looking to buy a decent chunk of Nushare. Recent ventures with B&C and this forum have gotten me enthusiastic about becoming a Nushareholder. Exchange volume is not that high though so I’m looking for someone who wants to get rid of a large amount of shares. PM me if interested.


I’ve bought the shares I wanted and am now a fellow shareholder :smile: , thanks for all the reply’s and special thanks to @tomjoad for once again providing a flawless escrow service.


Welcome to the club! :smile:

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I am also looking to buy many NuShares without using an exchange. Anyone who wants to trade my BKS for your NSR please send me a message to make a deal.

im selling my nushares, make an offer pm, ps i dont take BKS , so sorry

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So are you leaving us irritant?

I sent you a pm -

Interesting. what the price would be?

Last price on coinmarketcap at any time. Still looking to trade many BKS for NSR. PM me.

that’s a dangerous suggestion :wink:

Once again looking to buy sizeable ammounts of either Nushares or Blockshares. PM for offers.

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