Looking to buy additional BKS

Would there be anyone willing to sell BKS to me in bulk potentially?

I am looking to increase my Block Shares stash.

Thank you.


Let me know if you find any sellers. I’m looking to stock up on some more as well, but I still need to wait for a couple more paychecks before I’m ready to buy.

How many BKS?

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@tomjoad would you be willing to be an escrow once again here? Sorry for asking. :blush:

Coinmarketcap says BlockShares are currently worth $7.21, but with so little volume is this really a reliable price to go by? @cryptog, how are you determining the price BlockShares are worth?

BKS are worth what @cryptog is going to pay for them at the end of the bargaining :wink:
I didn’t read that anybody wants to sell BKS, but at least two people voiced interest to buy some.
Looks like there’s buy pressure :smiley:

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I’m acctually also contemplating buying some more :sunglasses:


Even more buy pressure :smiling_imp:
C’mon - place orders at ccedk:

OK I’ll bite: I have 190 BKS for sale, no joke. Who wants some?


Do you accept NBT? :wink:
Maybe I should make an offer: 4 NBT each :smiley:

Hint: you’d put them better at CCEDK at the sell side for 6.18 NBT each than selling them to me for 4 NBT…
I’d only sell them at CCEDK for between 6.00 NBT and 5.80 NBT :smiley:


Sure, I can assist if you find a seller.

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I am interested. What s your price?

Careful with CCEDK btw. BKS withdrawal has not been processed for 1.5 days now.


I’m excited to see B&C Exchange as the future primary source for BlockShares trading. These types of delays won’t occur on B&C’s decentralized platform.


Me too! :sunglasses:

Had my withdrawals within 24h recently. Have another withdrawal open since a few hours. Will let you know.

That would be great, until then I’m happy we have trading platform at all.

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It can take more than 10 hours to even withdraw nubits if the request is on moderation and you don’t send in a ticket to get @ronny’s attention Every withdrawal seemed to be on manual. I am wondering if it should be regarded as a feature… :wink:

Transaction just came in, about 3 hours for BKS withdrawal, not bad. @mavo did yours came through?

No, even no response to the ticket yet. Still on moderation.

offer atm: 190 bks for 6.25nbt

I have a feeling with moving these assets the tx fee will be huge as the output comes from thousands of tiny inputs