"Looking for help understanding the fundamentals of Nubits/Nushares."

Original link: https://www.reddit.com/r/peercoin/comments/3h681h/looking_for_help_understanding_the_fundamentals/

from the same author, jwinterm:

With all the hype surrounding Ethereum launch in the last week, I’d like
to start putting together a comparison table of all the 2.0
platforms/coins/tokens/thingamajigs. The ones I have in mind are
Bitshares, Burst/Nem/Nxt/Qora, Counterparty (Dogeparty/Clearinghouse),
and Ethereum. I’m interested in mapping out their similarities and
differences, particularly what each is capable and incapable of doing,
but also other differences such as validation scheme (PoW or PoS),
initial distribution, etc.

Source: The 2.0 throwdown thread


“I prefer PoW, just not when all of the coins are mined within a few days
of launch. Anyway, SDC is based on BTC codebase (Blackcoin,
apparently), right? I know they’ve added ring signatures, but I have a
hard time calling it a 2.0 when it’s forked (in)directly from 1.0, and
it doesn’t (yet) offer decentralized markets/apps/exchanges/etc. If I
add SDC on the basis of anonymity and messaging, then I should add
Digital/Dark/Ducknote as well, right? Anyway, I’ll consider it after I
get a chance to look into the market feature I bit more. I’m leaning
towards removing NuShares, so maybe I’ll replace it with Shadow.”
Source: The 2.0 throwdown thread

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It seems they’ve removed us from the chart. I answered his question on the subreddit, but didn’t see the chart until later. They must have wanted to know whether Nu supports the things in the chart and not how Nu works.

Edit: I posted in his bitcointalk thread in case he didn’t see my post, as I don’t think it’s fair to leave off Nu. Please watch this thread to see if he has anymore questions…


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Judging from his response, it looks like he’s not going to add us. Figures. Peercoin/Nu always get left off the list…

“Still leaning towards leaving NuBits/NuShares and derivatives off. If it’s only function is to maintain a market-peg, I don’t think that really qualifies as a platform for decentralized trade and asset exchange. I guess I should be more specific about the requirements.”

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I believe it will take some time to understand Nu as it is based on a altogether different and disruptive paradigm that does not fit yet the collective consciousness.