Logos for South Korean and Japanese NuBits – $420 prize at 99designs

New South Korean and Japanese NuBits need logos. Help us choose the right colors for these countries. Designers are free to suggest a refresh of NuBits’ logos, but the winner must include the current design allowing us to consider any refresh thoroughly.

:arrow_right: Design Entries

Design Brief

NuBits are stable digital currencies. New South Korean NuBits and Japanese NuBits have been created. We need you to pick colors for them and produce infinitely scaling versions of all eight logo versions.

Refer to our existing logos for United States NuBits, Chinese NuBits, European NuBits, and X-NuBits. Note: SDR NuBits is now X-NuBits (XNBT).

Focus primarily on the color, and motivate why you chose each!


  • Omit the hyphen from USNBT, KRNBT, ….
  • Clearly distinguish new colors from existing colors, but stand strong with your choice if you believe in it.

Improved guidelines below!


  • New: South Korean NuBits (KRNBT)
  • New: Japanese NuBits (JPNBT)
  • United States NuBits (USNBT)
  • Chinese NuBits (CNNBT)
  • European NuBits (EUNBT)
  • X-NuBits (XNBT)
  • NuShares (NSR) – no hollow circle surrounding
  • Nu – the decentralized autonomous organization, no hollow circle

Primary Objectives

  • Create logos in vector graphics.
  • Choose one color for South Korean NuBits.
  • Choose another color for Japanese NuBits.
  • Enable easy coloring for future adjustments and new products.
  • Exclude shine from the logos.
  • Optional: Open to a refresh, but winner must include a version with the old design along the new. Refer to cajva’s refreshed design as one that intrigues us.
  • Optional: A design that scales down to favicon size would be perfect.

Design Requirements

  • Logos for all six NuBits.
  • Logo for Nu, the decentralized autonomous organization, in black.
  • Logo for NuShares, in red without the hollow circle.
  • Transparent, white, and black background must look good.



  • Logo on top in country’s established or chosen color.
  • Text below: “Japanese” or “South Korean” in country color.
  • Text below: NuBits in black (or near black).
  • Experiment with placing “JPNBT”/“KRNBT”/… in the same version so we can avoid multiple versions.


  • Logo on top in country color.
  • Text below: USNBT, KRNBT, JPNBT, …. Color “US”/“KR”/“JP” the country color, and “NBT” black (or near black).

Logo only

  • Logo only.

Target Usage

  • App icons
  • Websites
  • Print material

Established Colors and Fonts

#FFB800 (gold) for United States NuBits
#631015 (dark red/brown) for Chinese NuBits
#242B68 (purple) for European NuBits
#019D4D (green) for X-NuBits
#EE3A23 (red) for NuShares
#231F1F (dark gray) for Nu

If you’re convinced of more fitting colors, please suggest.

Ubuntu Regular for “USNBT”, “KRNBT”, “JPNBT”, …
Ubuntu Bold for “NuBits”, “NuShares”, “Nu”.


420 USD is for one logo?

$420 for the best submission that qualifies, which is at minimum vectorized logos for KRNBT and JPNBT. Many designers there create for every NuBits plus NuShares and Nu. Once we have the source vector files, creating logos for new NuBits should be as easy as selecting the color.

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What about using the nationel flag? It more quickly identifies the currency, and more patriotic

In which way specifically do you suggest using the flag? There’s an early design with the South Korean flag’s colors in a yin yang pattern. I find it too busy. Placing the actual flag in the logo would not scale gracefully.

I would highly appreciate opinions from people living in South Korea or Japan to make sure we don’t miss something obvious.


I would have the following suggestions:


As for images of JPNBT and KRNBT, the obvious choice would be to use as you suggested the colors of the corresponding flags, as it was, it seems the guideline for the previous ones.
So for JPNBT, a mix of white and red, for KRNBT, a mix of red and blue would be the natural choice but it could be a bit difficult to recognize.
Using only one single color, i.e red for JPNBT and say blue for KRNBT would be better but it is already taken by NSR and EUNBT.

So I would suggest to rely on the colors used by the corresponding national main airline companies instead. Because usually national airliners are pretty symbolic of the corresponding countries.
For JPNBT, it could be sky blue used by All Nippon Airways or the grey used by Japan Airlines.
For KRNBT, I would suggest their sky blue.
Or we could use alternatively the colors used by the national soccer team jerseys.

Hibiscus syriacus, also known as the Korean rose, is the national flower of South Korea

China national flower is Nelumbo nucifera(lotos)

I d not recommend that at all. It is a holy symbol.

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I hope that with the development of technology, rational thinking will predominate in people, and such things as taboo on sacred things, and belief in the supernatural will be a thing of the past. Guys, we are doing an innovative project for modern people!