Lisk - Decentralized Application & Sidechain Platform

Hello and welcome to Lisk - a platform for decentralized applications & sidechains written in JavaScript! Developers can build, publish, distribute and monetize their applications within our custom built crypto-currency powered system.

We are happy that you took an interest into our platform and hope that we can convince you that we are the next logical step within the blockchain environment. Our ICO will start on the 22nd February, but you can already play around with our testnet client and even get some testnet LISK to play around with. It would be awesome if you join us on our Lisk.Chat and get in contact with us. We would like to hear your opinion about Lisk.

If you want to know who is behind Lisk, then please check out our first blog post Welcome to Lisk. This is us. in which we explain in more detail who we are, where we are coming from and what our plans are. If you want to know more about the way we will handle things you can also read the blog post Lisk - A new approach.

An updated link list can be found at our blog.

Thank you again and see you around!

Kind regards,