Liquidity Pool Marketing

I’d like this thread to be the main place where the Nu team works with liquidity pool operators on promoting their operations.

I’ve created a top-level “Liquidity Pool” menu on our website at Rather than displaying pools like we do on our Exchange page, I’m experimenting with a sequential layout like we use on our News page. Whichever pool is offering the lowest interest rates to NuShareholders will be placed at the top of the list.

I’d like pool operators to post the following information below so I can fill out the Liquidity Pools page:

Liquidity Pool Name:
Link to Primary Pool Website: Note that this can be a post, a bitcointalk post, or an external website
Exchange(s) Operated on:
Trading Pairs Supported:
1-3 Sentence Description of Pool: Possible things to talk about are your pool’s vision, its operators, its history, and any secondary links not covered in the primary website above
Link to Logo (if applicable):

Any time your information changes, simply submit this template as a new reply to this thread and I will make the update.

I’d also like to offer my services to any pool that requires help with branding and communications. While I’m technically compensated by NuShareholders, I believe it is in their interest to see pools develop professional identities that will attract new liquidity participants. These services can include general branding help, logo creation guidance, website writing, and whatever else you can think of.

I will update this thread with other information as our pool operators request it. For example, once we reach 5+ pools we could look at creating two lists: one for crypto liquidity and one for fiat liquidity.


Thanks @tomjoad this will be a great help in promoting the pools, driving the competition that will lower the costs of liquidity.
When it comes to the Trustless liquidity pools, the information you asked for is available from the server itself. Have a look at and That means that a simple script could get the info from the servers themselves using just the main Web address, meaning the stats will automatically update as the pools do.
@Willy has a script doing something similar already on I’m happy to help with any tweaks it may need too.

I am starting to lose track of all liquidity pools…
Perhaps it would be good to separate tllp from non tllp on the menu.

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This will greatly help you with that:

JSON containing /status data (total liq, users etc.) for all current pools:

JSON containing /exchanges data (current rates, pairs … everything you want to know) for all current pools:

Pairs visualized (same data as above, but no json):


That’s a good suggestion.
Until now it’s quite easy:

  • NuLagoon: non-TLLP
  • the rest: TLLP (without engagement, in alphabetical order)
  • liquidbits
  • nupond
  • nupool

It would be very convenient to have additional information included in that template.
A kind of quick start including what client where to download and (in case not included in the download) the basics for the pool.conf or pool.conf.json like

  • server=[name|ip address]
  • unit=[btc|cny|usd|eur]
  • exchange=bter|ccedk|bittrex]

would simplify firing up the bot.

Wouldn’t it make sense to sort it the other way round?
My understanding is that this list is for people external from Nu that want to provide liquidity.
They might be interested in the best offer -> highest (current) interest rate.


Cool data.

Btw what was the difference again between max and current rates?

max rate = pool default maximum rate with no competition
current rate = lowest price currently paid for liquidity

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Liquidity Pool Name: NuPool
Link to Primary Pool Website:
Current Interest Rates and Trading Pairs Supported: BTC/NBT on and (both 0.3% per day)
1-3 Sentence Description of Pool: The first tllp run by @woolly_sammoth and @willy.
Link to Logo (if applicable):


Liquidity Pool Name: NuPond

Link to Primary Pool Website:

Current Interest Rates and Spreads on Supported Trading Pairs:
NBT/BTC on Bter (0.33%/day) with 1.4% spread
NBT/CNY on Bter (0.15%/day) with 0.8% spread

1-3 Sentence Description of Pool: A trustless liquidity pool run by @Nagalim with @wengone as communications officer. The intention of NuPond is to provide a sustainable peg on Bter such that liquidity providing in the pool is profitable in the long term.
Link to Logo (if applicable): Not yet :wink:

  • Liquidity Pool Name:
    Nu Lagoon Pool A, Pool C and Pool D

  • Link to Primary Pool Website:

  • Exchange(s) Operated on:,

  • Current Interest Rates and Trading Pairs Supported:
    Pool A: 7.2% monthly expected return; Pool C: 20% annual expected return immune to BTC volatility; Pool D: 13% monthly expected return. BTC/NBT

  • 1-3 Sentence Description of Pool:
    As the first Nubits liquidity group pool pioneer, the Nu Lagoon offer multiple pools to people of different risk appetite and provide the easiest way of participation. All you need to do is to send fund or withdraw order to the pool’s deposit address.

  • Link to Logo (if applicable):




Current Interest Rates and Trading Pairs Supported:
Up to Ten percent (10%) per month (0.33% per day) on CCEDK’s EUR/NBT pair on both sell and buy side to a maximum of 2,500 NBT

Up to Ten percent (10%) per month (0.33% per day) on CCEDK’s USD/NBT pair on both sell and buy side to a maximum of 10,000 NBT

On average ten percent (10%) per month (0.33% per day) per month (0.25% per day) on BTC/NBT pair to a maximum of 2,500 NBT in total but split as follows:

  • 0.38% per day up to 1250 NBT on sell side
  • 0.28% per day up to 1250 NBT on buy side

The spread is fixed on 0.2%, basically covering the exchange fees.

Description of Pool:
LiquidBits is the second second liquidity pool build on Creon’s Nu-Pool software which came to live. LiquidBits focusses on fiat pairs with spreads only covering the exchange fees. The pool is operated by @Cybnate, a long term supporter and shareholder of NuNet. The pool operator intends to stay close to the Nu-pool software developments currently supported by @woolly_sammoth.

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It would be great to see progress be made on liquidity pool marketing.

Apologies for the delay. B&C website/logo work as well as preparations for an ad campaign for the NuDroid mobile wallet have consumed most of my time. I will try and get the information provided above on within the next day or two.

There was a recent reply on the NuPond thread fo bticointalk that asked what differentiates Nu from a pyramid scheme.
I have replied but if anyone else feels like adding to the conversation, it would be greatly appreciated. has been updated with all available information above.

In certain cases I edited for clarity/grammar/spelling, but kept all the requested information included.

I realized I didn’t specify in my template that I was looking for monthly interest rates. @Woolly_Sammoth, @Willy, @Nagalim, @Henry, @Cybnate please check that I’ve approximated your monthly interest rates correctly.

If any pool operator would like to make changes to the information provided, please just post a new reply here with the template filled out again, so I can easily track changes. And if you have any questions or concerns about how your pool is portrayed, please let me know.

I hope every pool operator will consider creating an active Bitcointalk thread too to attract new participants.


The liquidity pools section on has been updated. It has long been the weakest part of our website and I’m looking forward to improving it.


  1. Three sections now instead of one main page
  1. What are Liquidity Pools? (
  2. Current Liquidity Pools (
  3. Automated Liquidity Index (ALix)
  1. Current Liquidity Pools page has had all interest rate information removed, as it was not practical to keep updating. It is now a simple list of liquidity pools and the exchanges/pairs they operate on.

There are new liquidity pools operating since the page was last updated. If you would like your liquidity pool displayed on the Current Liquidity Pools page, please fill out the following info and post in this thread:

For all other liquidity pools currently listed, please ensure that the information displayed is up to date. If changes are required, notify me in this thread please.