Liquidity Operations will NOT perform additional NSR sales as a result of the spike in NSR pricing

Over the last few hours, the NuShare has risen 25% to 20 satoshis. At higher NSR price levels, liquidity operations has in the past sold extra NSR during price spikes like this. We won’t be doing that in this case, because our minimum reserve is met and the price remains under 70 satoshis, the current minimum price for any additional NuShare sales.

It was our policy to sell 1% of the deviation from reserve equilibrium prior to today, and that policy will continue so long as the NSR price remains below 70 satoshis. Right now that means we are selling $483 of NuShares at Poloniex each day.

Liquidity Operations isn’t going to stand in the way of the NuShare rally under way with extra NSR sales. Our policy under the present circumstances is to sell $483 of NuShares each day, and no more.