Liquidity Operations will continue regardless of this forum's future

@Ben and @CoinGame, the administrators of this forum are considering locking it or shutting it down [1,2,3]. I’m in disbelief but will simply have to plan accordingly.

I want NuBit holders to know that liquidity operations will continue regardless of what happens to this forum. I’m in control of all Nu shareholder funds with the exception of those on the Cryptopia gateway run by @woolly_sammoth.

US NuBits are traded at:

NuShares are traded at:

Stay in contact via:


How much is it and at which address? BTC, nobody cares about NSR. As honest observer you certainly don’t have a problem to finally share this information everyone is desperately asking for during the last years.

btw you totally need a new flair.

edit: also, are you verification level 2 at polo?

  • 38.99828 BTC at 17owruzTRANDYwCq77bSABQLXBxx3QaCea
  • 0.36792627 BTC at Alcurex
  • 24.663847 BTC at Bittrex
  • 0.10813807 BTC at Cryptopia
  • 20.645657 BTC at Cryptopia gateway

I’ve always been holding the shareholder BTC under Phoenix as Chief of Liquidity Operations. People must have not paid attention if they didn’t see all this presented already (plus earlier in the Liquidity Operations thread).

I admit I have not seen that. Also I didn’t know that you kept the BTC already for some longer time. What was the reason that he gave you control over the BTC but not the NSR, especially during the time when you performed the NSR sells on his behalf?

I don’t recall if anything specific was said. Phoenix has said he wants to avoid holding funds, but didn’t trust any others to do it. That’s the best answer I can give, at least this late.

please add reddit nubits to the list.
you can also add all the nubits and nushares facebook accounts.
also and linkedin nubits accounts.

Do you have access to them by any chance? I have been trying to find out the credentials for those to no avail to date.

I can have access to but not to

Right, that is good news. I didn’t even know the first one existed. Better than nothing I suppose.
Will continue to try to obtain access to the OfficialNubits one.