Liquidity Operations Expenses

Accounting for expenses in liquidity operations.

Nu Poloniex Gateway @jooize Hosting

Date: 2016–07–09 to 2017–01–09
Term: 6 months
Cost: 240 USD

2016–07–08 11:24 UTC

240 USD = 217.18 EUR = 0.356 BTC

0.4 BTC to exchange.

TxID: 04a2dc3128e92b72a34a469dfa672cb73f59c8affb5e7c11e3da74e59a387b37

2016–07–09 12:31 UTC

240 USD = 217.18 EUR = 0.366 BTC

0.4 - 0.366 = 0.034

Return 0.034 BTC to Nu BTC @jooize.

TxID: f4f6900e391e4726f96d855af188c6fa6e6646640b8bab8bbec93ea16b9157bf

to 2017-01-09 ?

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Oops, thanks!

Personal compensation paid to @jooize for all roles played in liquidity operations from July 5th to August 4th.

600,000 NSR
Transaction ID: 77aca9e1764f5a8fbd715593e57795656db3264640594b1ce282468904defa3a

The following accounts for two transactions made by myself that had not until now been reported.

These types of expenses were decided to be presented in aggregate each month, but the available information appears to me as such that doing so for these months offers no additional privacy and reduces verbosity of transparency.

NuBot development

Amount: $700
Paid: 2016–08–31

1.22 BTC @jooize → Contractor

TxID: ae312f44208a93ee4cb55b38d9f3c1c303e5acfe9209d2bbbaadf21ccd3c7fff

NuBot development

Amount: $425
Paid: 2016–09–12

0.701 BTC @jooize → Contractor

TxID: 95aa9dd4fee2e87ce6e9d4570e4940a6240837c5423780675e4b1c102ee11190

Who is the contractor btw if you can reveal the name?

I will not reveal contractors’ identities.

NuBot development

Amount: $500
Paid: 2016–10–15

0.7837 BTC @jooize → Contractor

TxID: b257ab9cd4f415d18f266cd2bc4b57dde0ca92123b6163b72d7278dc185a5248

Sure but what kind of contract work is it?

It’s about supporting other currencies i.e. ??-NBT and the contractor is @woolly_sammoth. Next time be more careful…

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The only additional information I have given is the kind of work the contractors do. Should I have withheld that? I can’t hide information available elsewhere.

Both the privacy of contractors and financial transparency is important.

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I don’t see any commits to NuBot in the month of October.

Also, I am not sure that the privacy of contractors trumps the transparency problem brewing in this community.

That worries me more.

It looks like it is not a fixed price contract looking at the payments. I’m fine with leaving out the rates of the developer and Jooize posting the payments as long as it is clear which work is been done even if it is retrospectively. Committing against a public repository should be easy and not a problem for any confident developer though.
Another solution is to do fortnightly commits retorspectively against a public repository as it appears he is paid fortnightly.

List US-NBT and NSR at Cryptopia

Amount: 1,000,000 DOT
Paid: 2017–01–30

0.25 BTC jooize → Cryptopia jooize

0.02752548 BTC remain at Cryptopia.

TxID: bd44570cc2c51bf86967146643986fd23b89e2c9d7951b23458dfe9dd96e5884

Payments now listed at Details in this thread when possible.