Liquidity on NBT/USD buy wall VS Liquidity on NBT/BTC buy wall

On CCEDK, I am wondering why:
NBT/USD buy has only an 100 nubits order compared to NBT/BTC buy that has a 130,000 nubits order. (1000 times bigger)

NBT/USD isn’t supposed to be the main pair?

Edit: NBT

Shareholders had 5k dual side liquidity for USD on CCEDK for a month and it had very little action. CCEDK doesn’t have much USD volume at the moment.

Right. It is not possible for a custodian on NBT/BTC to convert it to NBT/USD since BTC/USD has almost no volume.

Same situation on BTER.

So it means also that on CCEDK and BTER, custodians do not want to deposit USD?

its not about custodian as much as the markets

@desrever can you elaborate on that?

There is not many people buying NBT with USD, perhaps because there is a lot of friction to get USD to the exchange (filling forms, paying commissions etc)

@mhps right.


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