Liquidity on exchanges will be reduced around BTC fork event

In preparation of the fork into Bitcoin (BTC/XBT) and Bitcoin Cash (BCC), Liquidity Operations will temporarily reduce Bitcoin liquidity stored on exchanges to ensure control of most shareholder funds on both resulting chains.

We’ll begin lowering liquidity already in an effort to make traders aware. I’ll keep some shareholder BTC in the address 18xHTfuK7skDgGeABqm3sG5MgLC2U9qVL4 to enable rapid response with exchange refills.


Why not shut off liquidity on cryptopia completely since they will not be crediting BCC? Bittrex will be crediting BCC.

What is the plan for the newly acquired BCC?


very good question.

Bittrex and Cryptopia both choose to disable Bitcoin (BTC) deposits while also supporting Bitcoin Cash (BCC/BCH). Plan was to reduce liquidity on exchanges and refill during August 1 until the fork was established. That was made redundant by their internal support, and impossible by their deposit freezes. Consequently, liquidity on exchanges will be limited until they resume deposits.

Please stay patient. Full liquidity provision will resume as soon as the situation is stabilized.

Liquidity at Bittrex is restored to $50K–70K liquidity per side. Current policy is to refill below $50K, and withdraw excess of $70K. Cryptopia should follow within a day is restored.

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