Liquidity going forward

In the immediate future we will be providing a total of $60,000 in liquidity at 0.6% spread, split between HitBTC, Bittrex and BTER. Exactly how these funds will be split is still being determined.

The 0.6% spread we are currently offering will later be raised 1%. It is a temporary promotional tool we are using during this time when the exchanges we offer liquidity at are changing.

This tight exchange spread combined with a 22% 6 month return rate on parked US-NBT make NuBits the most compelling stable cryptoassets.

Pick up some at BTER, HitBTC or Bittrex and park to get 22% more NuBits in your account in six months. It is really easy to do.


In case NBT get parked, how is Nu going to pay the parking fee?
NSR or NBT sale?

why the nsr price always low , i am sorry to hear that …

Well, it isn’t always low. NSR is the most volatile cryptoasset. Scarcely more than a year ago NSR was worth 1800 satoshis compared to today’s 15. It has been low lately, which is due to the shrink in the currency supply that resulted from the illegal and anti-social default imposed by FLOT (First Liquidity Operations Team) and Augeas in June.

The NSR price tends to move in the same direction as the total currency supply. This has fallen from 820,000 in May to just $136,000, where it has been fairly stable for more than a month. If the money supply begins to grow again, we should expect the NSR price to do the same. Even with no additional currency sales, the rate at which we sell NSR continues to decline.

While it was a very expensive demonstration that I would have avoided, it nonetheless displays the tremendous power our model has to support currency. We can keep the peg while purchasing back more than 80% of the currency. That has been proven. I am proud to be part of a financial network that has demonstrated that remarkable capacity.

Now that we have proven we can lower the currency supply as low as it can go without losing the peg, let’s show that we can bring value to shareholders by increasing the currency supply.

You never get tired of repeating your lies about a default that didn’t happen - at least not in the way you explain it, but rather by the wrong direction you steered Nu into when you called yourself JordanLee instead of Phoenix.
The 1800 Satoshis were the result from (ab)using reserves for buybacks. The 15 Satoshis is the acknowledgement for that.

Yet you are always too tired to answer important questions like:

Not answering that kind of questions makes it easy for people to call you a liar.