Liquidbits and rejects

Since 2015/07/29 (~13:00 UTC) I recognize a big increase in the number of rejects the tllp bot receives on the CCEDK NBT/USD trading pair.
Is this due some (mis)configuration on my end?
The average efficency is approximately 80% (5 to 6 rejects, only rarely missings).
My other tllp bots run fine.

I still have the log. It started on 7/29 at 13:20 UTC after a “HTTP Error 404: Not Found” error (server reboot?)

Affirmative. Until

2015/07/29-13:19:10 INFO: ccedk - balance: 0.21580986 rate: 0.25% ppm: 0.00069976 efficiency: 91.67% rejects: 2 missings: 1

it was ok. After that point of time the effeciency was dramatically degraded.