Liquidation of BCE development funds, and possible remedies

One thing shareholders should take note of is that BCE developments funds are currently all held in NBT. If there are problems with Nu buy side liquidity, the full time developers might not be able to pay their bills.

  • I think B&C Exchange will need reassurance from Nu that NSR holders will commit to allowing B&C Exchange to be funded adequately

  • Some people could afford to develop and accept non-liquid BKS for payment. This may help speeding up the development process, to launch the exchange for a next round of funding.

Just posting for discussion.


Exactly. This is why we think to replenish NuLagoon.

maybe I don’t understand it, but what will stop non devs emptying nulagoon as soon as it gets funds?

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Funds on NuLagoon won’t reach those developers!

If you want to ensure their access to BTC, you need to pay them from T4 reserves.
But I wouldn’t recommend doing that. It would create a precedent of Nu treating people differently.

We are in this situation for a few days. I think there’s no need to hurry.

I’d recommend taking this road:

I think it should be
B&C Exchange will need reassurance from itself that BKS holders will commit to…

BCE is acting just like any other customer in matters of NBT and should be treated like that.

When BCE parked NBT, that weren’t really in circulation, because they were reserved for paying for development, nobody complained, because it was ok to act this way - BCE is just a customer, with regard to NBT.
Of course BCE is an offspring of Nu. But that shouldn’t give priority over other customers in matters of trading NBT.

BCE needs to wait like all other customers until the situation is less stressed, pay an uplift of 5%, or run a single side (sell side) NuBot at a tigther spread than the gateways to trade NBT for BTC.

If the situation stays as stressed as it’s now for a longer time, I might shift this view.

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BCE should keep paying devs in nbt until they have to pay them in bks or have another crowdsale.

When BCE devs stop accepting nbt…good thing we know the bce devs are big nsr holders.

we need to ask eleven.

They could just stop working altogether. We can’t ask BCE devs to have the same commitment to Nu as NSR holders do. Crowdsales are probably the path of least resistance, but it’s a matter of cost-effectiveness to grant BKS to devs or to random guys on bitcointalk.

They get paid by BCE not by Nu…
But let’s postpone that discussion.
These are dire times, but the game isn’t over yet!
We’ve just started the first NSR sale since long time ago!