Linux client

I downloaded

and then unzipped it to reveal another zip file:

that presumably has the zipped Windows client. I’d like to try it out on Ubuntu, but I’m stuck here.

where did you download it from?

I’m deleting your last comment because i’m not sure if we want that address public in the future. i’ll check on what happened with the package.

OK thanks. If the source code is available I can try building the binary directly. Just let me know where to get it and the dependencies.

source code will not be available until shareholders pass a motion to release it.

I’m looking at the package you downloaded. I’m looking at the file you downloaded and you should see a folder called bin. Inside the bin folder you should find the binaries to use it on linue. Do you see the bin folder?

I downloaded again and this time was able to extract the binares. I now have a working GUI on Ubuntu. Not sure what changed, but all seems OK now. Thanks very much for the help!

Sweet! Glad it worked out.