Linux Block Sync acting whonky

I am trying to get the blockchain added to my wallet on linux 64bit but it wont budge. I torrented the bootstrap and put it in the .nu folder but it is stuck around 74%. Does anybody know how I can remove it and start from the very beginning? Your help will be greatly appreciated I am very new to this Nubits community.

Hello! Sorry you’re having trouble.
Can you tell us what version of Nu you’re using?

Must be using 2.1 or higher if a bootstrap file was used. We’re still working out issues with 2.1 so it’s better to stick with 2.0.3 for now @ghost. Which you can find on our main website

Before doing anything please back up your wallet files.

After that you can clear out the contents of your data directory to have it sync from scratch. You can use the guide below to find your data dir.

Make sure to shutdown the wallet first. Then you can delete everything in the folder except for wallets.dat, walletb.dat and nu.conf if you have one. When you start up the client it should begin downloading blocks from peers.

I am using version 2.0.3 linux 64 bit

Thank you @CoinGame I will give it go and let you know how it turns out.

It synced up properly thank you for your help!!! @CoinGame

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