Let'sTalkBitcoin: Beyond Bitcoin Podcast - "A Nu Approach"

Earlier this month I spoke with Arthur Falls, host of Let’s Talk Bitcoin’s Beyond Bitcoin podcast. He published the interview this morning on the site.

Beyond Bitcoin - 24 - The Second To Last - A Nu Approach

I’d appreciate any feedback on the show.


Great interview. Well done Ben!

I second that! Well done, this is a very useful piece of resource for Nu. With 600+ views on its first day, it seems to me like one very good exposure for Nu.

Excellent work Ben! I hope everyone will consider commenting underneath the podcast to support it. This was a lot of fun to listen to.

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Also please consider upvoting it on Reddit to counteract the automatic downvotes we get from some other communities: http://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/2rn3ke/beyond_bitcoin_24_a_nu_approach_nubits/


I liked it and that’s how I heard about nubits. Nice one


Killin it Ben, killin it.

Welcome to the forums @dnydublin12

Can’t wait to listen to this later Ben. At last, we have somebody that’s willing to speak on behalf of the community. :smile:

Great job Ben.

i wondered why nushares going up :wink:

Because they are representing a great experiment? :wink:

It can for sure have to do with the interview with @Ben (unbelievable, but I took my time to listen to it!).
Thumbs up for that great interview!