Let's Talk Bitcoin 168 is a MUST LISTEN. We need to <strikethrough>shamelessly steal</strikethrough> INCORPORATE this idea for NuBits

This is really not an original idea. Peertracks/Bitshares Music has a very similar concept. The basic idea is to allow content providers to make their content available directly to consumers without a middle man. Micro payments would allow providers to make A LOT more money than they currently do on YouTube, and other similar sites. NuBits would be a perfect payment choice because of their price stability.

This is in sharp contrast to Bitcoin. For example, if a content provider charges $0.16 for one video view, $0.16 worth of Bitcoin might be worth a lot more or a lot less in the future. $0.16 worth of NuBits is guaranteed to be worth the same $0.16 a week, a year, or a decade from now. A purchaser would feel pretty bad if their $0.16 worth of Bitcoin ended up being worth hundreds of dollars a decade in the future. NuBits removes this possibility (especially when we have more USD to NBT exchanges).

Here is the audio for LTB 168:


Besides video and music there are also paywalls for newspapers. Would be great if one of the major newspapers would accept NuBits for their paywalls. Almost instant and anonymous payments. Could be straight from people’s wallet.

Anyone who has contacts in that world?

If anyone has a serious business idea in this field or a related field why not try to create a DAC using peershares? It does make sense to use NBT as the medium of transaction

Also, it does not seem like they have much of a first mover advantage.