Let the Market decide the Peg

This is an unorthodox approach… but how about we announce that NBT will set its peg based upon the rounded usd value of NBT at a specific future date (ex: one month) with a minimum value of 1 usd to implement a peg. If the final value closes below 1 usd, we will continue to work to the 1 usd mark, but now with a greater degree of reserve support. If it breaks over 1 usd by the set date, even better, the new peg is greater than 1 usd.

This will allow NBT to be seen as a speculative investment with a potentially huge short term payout, beyond 1 usd even. It will drive more traders to nbt shooting us back to recovery levels quickly (possibly beyond) and refill the reserve to have 80-100% asset backing going forward.

It is a quick solution which fixes a lot of the problems of the past.


That won’t work, Bitshares tried it. You will get it to float at most at 80% the value of USD

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This is great insight; thank you for the info.

So it sounds like that Nu could and/or should and/or must operate the buy wall within the range of 80% - 99.x% of value, and also that relying on the market to provide buy-side liquidity is a flawed model at this point in time.

ok, then same premise with 100% backing