Lending Market in B&C?

I want a Lending and a Margin Market in B&C as Poloniex has.
Because it it a good possibiliy to make some Fee.
And i want Future trading for btc or other like okcoin it has
For protection of what you have given in the lending market
So some People could trade with margin and give other some fee
if i give btc for fee i must secure the worth with a future
and open a short eg 1/10 or 1/20 (okcoin)

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Hope they are on B&C roadmap.

What do you think about [Voting] Proposal for granting NBT to NuLagoon to create exchange-traded pool A, sub-funds BearBTC, BullBTC and build-in exchange by the way?

My English is too bad. I do not understand that. And all the abbreviations. I probably do not understand that even if I could understand English perfectly.

It’s a derivative market. BullBTC gives dividends when btc goes up and BearBTC gives dividends when btc goes down. This is done basically as a derivative of the NuLagoon operation.