Legal Representation for Nu

I’m curious if the Nu Team has thought about how it will integrate with today’s crypto world once the peg has been repaired. Things are a lot different today than they were in 2014. Due to the large number of scams, services and exchanges usually require the signing of a legal contract so they can deny any legal responsibility. How will Nu shareholders adapt to this?

At Peercoin for example we started up the Peercoin Foundation a non-profit Stichting which is based in the Netherlands. This organization allows us to accept donations from the community, but more relevant to Nu, it acts as the legal face for the project, allowing us to interact with exchanges and sign contracts or NDAs.

Will the Nu Team be setting up something similar so that it will be able to legally integrate with today’s exchanges and services?

Another issue is a legal opinion from a securities firm stating that Nu is not an unauthorized security. Peercoin is not classified as a security because it was originally released through proof of work mining, similar to Bitcoin. We have a legal opinion document stating this: However Nu was released in a different manner, so I’m wondering what legal conflicts it will run into when trying to gain support from services.

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I’m glad to see those efforts in the Peercoin community @Sentinelrv. @jooize has recently done considerable development of the type you are referring to. I’d like to see how he would answer your question.