"Legal and Regulatory framework" category

I’d suggest to create a category that deals with the legal questions surrounding Nu.

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DAOs get greenlight


Another use case that the authors view as less problematic through
the lens of US law is the use of tokens to create distributed
collaborative organisations (DAOs).
In this instance, tokens are used to denote membership in an
organisation, with the user retaining the expectation that he or she may
benefit financial from the ownership.
The report suggests that, in this case, token owners may have some
control over fund utilization, “making them effectively managers and/or
partners in the success of the entity”, a factor that makes them less
likely to be viewed as securities.
”Depending on the nature of the organization and the actual control
held by people who have committed capital, ‘shares’ organizations which
are structured on the blockchain are likely not to be considered as
securities,” the paper suggests.

Any update on that?

I think it is important to think about the legality of Nu if we want to bring Nu to the next stage.

Linked to this.

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