Joe Rogan Interview With Andreas Antonopoulos: Andreas agrees that it is confusing mentally converting USD to BTC

At about 30 minutes into the interview, they talked about how confusing it is to mentally convert USD to the equivalent number of bitcoins. Andreas proposed shifting the denomination units of Bitcoin so that a sandwich is always between 1 to 100 units. To me, this seems like a lot of work (the units would have to be changed every few years, and you would have to get people used to new units).

As I listened, I could not help thinking “Shift to NuBits ===>> problem solved”. The full show is here:

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Nice timing - I just reviewed a draft animation section of our marketing video this morning that makes this point very clearly. It’s good to know that others like Joe Rogan have already picked up on the complexity of point-of-sale math when using Bitcoin.

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@tomjoad thanks!! It seems to me that this problem with getting people used to the volatility of the value of 1 Bitcoin is NOT trivial. People have enough to think about. We are all busy and have a ton of responsibilities. People need simplicity, they don’t need yet another complicated thing to think about. NuBits are a better solution to the universal digital currency problem than Bitcoin et. al.

I’ve been meaning to ask about this. How is the video production going? Any ETA? I’m excited to see it.

Production is going really well so far. I think the final product will be something the community can be proud of. As is normal with Nu, I won’t make a concrete guess on dates to avoid missing a target, but I would conservatively estimate that we’re between 80-85% complete on animation, narration, music, and sound effects.

Did you get the same narrator that did the Peercoin video or somebody else? We’ve been talking about reworking the Peercoin video with a female narrator, specifically Stephanie Murphy for the reasons listed here…

I’m not sure if it’s going to happen, but we’re at least looking into it.

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We’re using an entirely new narrator who happens to be female. It actually came down to her and Stephanie, but our female narrator had a voice that was just a bit better suited for the visual style we’re creating. Our narrator has also never done a crypto project before, so we liked the idea of having a fresh voice that isn’t associated with any other projects.

I would definitely recommend using Stephanie if you’re creating a new version of the PPC video. Her rates were reasonable and she’s got a very clear voice.

I would definitely recommend using Stephanie if you’re creating a new
version of the PPC video. Her rates were reasonable and she’s got a very
clear voice.

@tomjoad Are you referring to Stephanie Murphy from Let’s Talk Bitcoin?

Yes that’s her.

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Nice! She is definitely very good at what she does. I like her voice-over work on the LTB commercials. By the way, LTB seems pretty open minded. I wonder if they will ever do a feature on NuBits? I do seem to remember them doing shows on Litecoin, Etherium, Storj, and a few other coins.

I definitely second this. Stephanie would be fantastic, and hopefully she would accept NuBits, NuShares, or Peercoin as payment.

Perhaps we could also eventually get an interview on LTB. I know that its unlikely, but it would be pretty cool to actually hear Sunny King and/or Jordan Lee’s voices during an interview. Can you imagine the intrigue of hearing the voice of a Satoshi, Jordan Lee, or Sunny King WITHOUT getting anymore details on their true identities? That would only enhance the mystery.

I suspect that if the Ripple camp keeps on doing what they have to Bitcoin, Satoshi might actually emerge for an interview over encrypted voice chat. One can only dream…

Stay tuned.