Jobs – Work for NuBits

Nu seeks additional developers and experienced marketing assistance. You or your team is able to work mostly independently and communicate well. Please display previous accomplishments or samples of what you would produce for us. Compensation will be negotiated individually depending on skill and your availability. We’re looking for quality work, and payment scales thereafter.

  • Market NuBits to exchanges, customers, investors, and vendors. We want an established actor for this job. You don’t need previous experience with cryptocurrencies, but be ready to learn the basics of how and why NuBits works. Apply now!
  • Headhunt for these positions.
  • Implement NuBits in web commerce solutions.
  • Implement website design changes. You’re able to create layouts, and position graphics for mostly static content. You have real experience and good opinions.
  • Design and build interface for new block explorer and network dashboard.
  • Complement current developers focused on protocol, automation (NuBot, etc.), and support.
  • Build a “basic” centralized exchange platform similar to NuLagoon Tube for BTC/USNBT, to allow Nu independence of critical exchange listings. A fallback for our preferred operations at exchanges. If not too complex to make secure, NSR/BTC trading is also desirable.
  • Create redesigned wallet interface. Friendly software is a powerful part of a useful digital currency. We want to do better than current offerings. Nothing flashy, but platform native with the primary features people actually use.
  • Implement CryptoNote technology.
  • Anything listed in our roadmap.

Contact us privately via the forum, email, or Bitmessage: BM-2cVrqHUd3LNLDSGxJF4DCLnF3moFwcxNgy

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