January 9, 2015 - NuShares reach $0.01 for the first time


Very impressive, but I tend to say that this is an earned success mainly based on the amazing concept and the awesome dev team!
…and the community might play a role as well :wink:


Beat me to it Tomjoad. :smiley:

Next stop, $0.10!

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congrats everyone!

1$ is near.

Thanks Obama.


Bye Bye early adopting ! :smile:
Its official now, I would never get as much NuShares as i need :confused:

Considering the current total value of all NuShares of approximately 10 million USD and having visions of what may come, you can still consider this early adopter phase!
Nu is not even 4 months old.
There’s a lot of hope for its potential reflected by the continuously rising price.

I mean, the main revenue for the whole business still is tx fees.
There’s a lot of possibilities in the pipeline, although I think tx fees alone can generate a lot of revenue depending on the amount of tx!

Who will ever get as many NuShares as one might need? :wink:

I am not greedy at all, if Nu could generate a daily revenue of 5NBT per 10,000 NSR, after 18 months from now, i would consider that I already have what i need.

Assuming an annual dividend yield of around 5% to 10%¹ with a total annual dividend of 1825 NBT that’d imply a value of 18,250 NBT to 36,500 NBT per 10,000 NSR (1.8 NBT to 3.6 NBT per NSR).
It’s a long way from 0.01 NBT to 1.8 NBT (180-fold today’s price)
While I’m sometimes crazy, I don’t really believe that to happen within the next 18 months.
But I don’t say it will never happen, because at a price level of 1.8 NBT/NSR that would result in a total value of maybe 3 or 4 billion NBT.
3.6 NBT/NSR are not out of reach if 1.8 NBT/NSR is.

But that is only an estimation and depending on (at least) the time until that price level gets reached as well as the total NSR increase rate until then (designed to be ~2% annually).
…I don’t take into account the NSR that are destroyed as tx fee…

¹ I don’t know where to put Nu here; 5% annual dividend yield is quite realistic for a solid business

That’s an interesting way to calculate the probability.
However, NSR price doesn’t seem to follow the dividends that much, so i more interested in the possible revenues.
Fixed txn fees won’t be enough, unless we have raised it from 0.01NT to 0.1NBT/txn, and No. of txns increased from 20 to 5M txns/Day !!! any way OT will kill this revenue sooner or later.
Even relative txn fee such as 0.1% won’t be enough unless the daily transaction volume ON the network increased from ~20K NBT to 50M NBT !!!
And Price spread would be a one-shot profit which won’t reward maintaining the peg if there is no demand for new generated Nubits.

Every one of those options will affect NuBits demand which will make achieving a decent steady revenue for Nu very difficult, what other options do you think of?

Edit: there is a lot that can be done using NuBits, but most of the real profits will be for the off network businesses like the exchanges fees.

Some day the exchanges will offer to pay to get nubots running on them. Either pay the LPCs (who pay Nu) or pay Nu directly.

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I keep replaying this quote in my head. It helps keep me motivated…



I read it as there will be $1B USD worth of work to do.


We were betting when would NuBits overcome Bitcoin’s Trade Volume and become the currency used for cryptoasset trading here

What is the annual current dividend in nbt per nsr?

Not knowing how many dividends will be paid, you can make a ballpark guess of roughly 50,000 NBT worth of dividends so far. In relation of the roughly 10,000,000 NBT¹ worth of the 10⁹ NSR (give or take a few millions :wink: ; the undistributed NSR receive dividends as well, right?) this leads to 0.5% for the first quarter.
But I think you need to take into consideration that most of the distributed NSR have been sold for way lower prices than 0.01 NBT (the first of those have been sold for 0.0018 NBT) so the individual revenue is already a lot higher than 0.5% for 3 months; for the first distributed NSR there is a dividend revenue of close to 3% (for the first quarter!) and an increase of NSR value of more than 500%!
If you consider buying NSR at exchanges at current rates this still might provide a nice annual revenue - especially if you hope for price increase of NSR.

Remark (more intended for people new to this forum who might be overwhelmed by these numbers):
don’t forget that Nu is an experiment. A technically and economically interesting experiment so far, but still an experiment.
Total loss of invested funds is possible.
Don’t invest more than you can afford to lose!

¹ current NSR price roughly 0.01 NBT; total amount of NSR 10⁹ plus a few millions created by minting

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congrats everyone!

Approaching 7000 satoshis right now.

huge dump.
just before the dump the buy order book was too thin on bter?

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