It seems is down

NuLagoon’s accounting will be delayed as it depends on Sorry about that

Working for me right now. M aybe someone just fixed it?

Very strange… The block explorer is not working for me inside my virtual machine (name isn’t resolving), but on the host machine it works fine.

Looks to be a DNS issue. You can use the IP address for now


Data on is frozen at 2 days ago.

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Still down. Should be fixed.

any other site can check the block?

We have but that doesn’t provide info about motions and grants. Just a basic blockexplorer for NuBits.

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is this a vps issue? can we have a clone in another location as a back up or actually a sister site?
i have such a location. if there is a walkthrouth how to set up something like this i would be happy to help :wink:

I have also 2 vpss that I can use partially. Maybe I can help too.

It looks like is stuck.

is not up-to-date.

Sat Nov  7 14:27:14 UTC 2015

nud getinfo | grep blocks
    "blocks" : 604895,

only one site we can check blockchain :smiling_imp:

Or, rather, maybe it is both of them… checking ours out.

Down again. Stuck at “Height 646,183”.
@Ben, @JetJet13

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OMG , no update for 5days

@Ben is working on it right now.


Blockexplorer is down, to be more precise the webservice is not responding.

@Ben, @JetJet13: is down since over a week @JetJet13 is stuck since 5 days @backpacker

Hope both can be reanimated again :slight_smile: Thanks.

Hey @Cybnate ,

the server IP address for NuExplorer is This link will take you to the explorer.

I think that the domain has expired. I personally don’t have ownership of so its not something that I can correct.

If I’m not mistaken, Ben Rossi paid for the domain so you would have to get in contact with him to resolve this.

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