Issues with connecting to BTER with the bot

They are having what may be an issue with their SSL certificate. The bot supporting the BTC market there will be sporadically unavailable while I seek a work-around.

As a precaution, I have temporarily removed the bot’s orders so that they will not be caught in the wrong place.

I will provide an update when I know more (or when it has been fixed).



@desrever is attempting to work around the problem, but it will be a minimum of 30 minutes before we’ll know for sure if it works.

If this is not resolved shortly I will begin to manually maintain the walls.


Bot is now running on a different machine, but it does not have access to the Nu daemon right now, so liquidityinfo will be reported without BTER’s market information. This is not an optimum solution, so I will continue to work on the problem and get it full working.

Thank you for your patience.


@jmiller is not having a problem running on BTER right now (so this appears to be an issue between my servers and BTER, not a problem with the bot).

To continue to send liquidity information, Jamie will take over the NBT/BTC market on BTER. ~100k NBT will be made available.

I have seen the previous buy wall that I had there eaten away to almost nothing, so the transfer to Jamie should not be problematic.

Once I can find a solution to my connection problem to BTER, I will work with Jamie to either take back the NBT/BTC market, or to move the NBT that I have on BTER to another market. I will provide information when I have made a decision.