Is XPM/TRC/FTC Delisting on BTC-E an Opportunity for NuBits?

I guess you do have a point there…

I’m on it, I trade there as well so I’ll send an email too

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Instead of sending them each of us a message, wouldn’t that be better to get the efforts coordinated by the marketing manager of Nu? I means if the marketing manager of Nu which I understand is @tomjoad contacts them, shouldn’t that be enough?
I do not see so much point in flooding them with messages…it could get them annoyed and make discard any message containing Nu in the title for a while.
Just my take.

Besides, I think real data that shows the volume is a must.
Showing them that NBT had several times more volume than LTC could be also very convincing.

Well right now the volume on this pair is very low. But in the future, if Nu is successful, it should skyrocket. :wink:

Exchanges don’t have the capacity to consider/evaluate every single competing digital currency project. They (like most of us) rely on simple heuristics for activity - and email volume is one of them. If plenty of users take a minute to write a brief message to BTC-e, they will take notice and begin investigating us further because they will assume we have an active (trading) community.

@creon is right however that our current closed-source status likely makes NBT/NSR less desirable for BTC-e in the short term.

This makes sense.

@Raythma Very nice plot.
Can one explain why the volume goes down and up periodically from very low to very high with highs going up exponentially?

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I’ve been wondering that myself.

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I ve just sent a message to BTC-E support to add NBT.

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i sent a msg to btc-e on bitcointalk

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PM sent, focus on growing community and immediate scenarios.

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A buyer of 1000 NBT with USD will generate 1000 NBT volume in a day and move on with his NBT and won’t come back to sell for a while or forever.

A buyer of 1000 NBT with crypto is probable a speculation trader and could trade back and forth 5 times a day and generate 5000 NBT volume in a day, and do this every day.

NBT/USD will generate much less trades than NBT/crypto unless normal commerce using nubits exceed speculative trading by 10 - 100 time.

I think you are right and you raise a very good point.
NBT/USD should be much less profitable for crypto exchanges than other pair NBT/Cryptos.
But still I think it would be nice for an exchange to have NBT/USD since it would enable traders to buy NBT directly.
However if Nu is successful in maintaining the peg, NBT/USD should offer no volatility.
So there is no profit possible like with BTC/USD for example.
This explains why NBT/USD has a very low buy side support on ccedk.

That is why NBT/USD should be offered not to traders (on crypto exchanges) but to consumers (via payment gateways as @mhps suggested here. )

NBT is basically a token you buy for buying things on the Internet. It is a currency.

So overall BTC-E should be more interested in NSR than NBT.

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Yes I think it probably is more interested in offering NSR trading to benefit from the success of NBT (and maybe BTCNBT)

NBT points to liquidity.
NSR provides volatility.

Well I totally forgot to mention that since we are aiming at becoming much more liquid that BTC, NBT/crypto starting with NBT/BTC is a premise.

I was hoping some one close to the NuBot maintaining the NuBits pairs could explain it.

But it seems that the trade volume have a stable 5-days cycle since the begging of 2015, it can’t be a random events.

@desrever ?

Here. how can I help? Something strange with trades? what is a stable 5-days cycle?

PS: thank you for being vigilant :slight_smile:

I got this response from btc-e…

“Добрый день Решение уже принято.”

I ran it through Google translate and it says this…

“Hello decision has already been taken.”

I posted my message to them above. I’m guessing this response is referring to Primecoin being delisted and nothing about NuBits.

I got

[xxxxxxxxxxxxx] Adding Nubits to BTC-E
BTC-E Support
Hello no planed