Is XPM/TRC/FTC Delisting on BTC-E an Opportunity for NuBits?

@Raythma Very nice plot.
Can one explain why the volume goes down and up periodically from very low to very high with highs going up exponentially?

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I’ve been wondering that myself.

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I ve just sent a message to BTC-E support to add NBT.

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i sent a msg to btc-e on bitcointalk

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PM sent, focus on growing community and immediate scenarios.

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A buyer of 1000 NBT with USD will generate 1000 NBT volume in a day and move on with his NBT and won’t come back to sell for a while or forever.

A buyer of 1000 NBT with crypto is probable a speculation trader and could trade back and forth 5 times a day and generate 5000 NBT volume in a day, and do this every day.

NBT/USD will generate much less trades than NBT/crypto unless normal commerce using nubits exceed speculative trading by 10 - 100 time.

I think you are right and you raise a very good point.
NBT/USD should be much less profitable for crypto exchanges than other pair NBT/Cryptos.
But still I think it would be nice for an exchange to have NBT/USD since it would enable traders to buy NBT directly.
However if Nu is successful in maintaining the peg, NBT/USD should offer no volatility.
So there is no profit possible like with BTC/USD for example.
This explains why NBT/USD has a very low buy side support on ccedk.

That is why NBT/USD should be offered not to traders (on crypto exchanges) but to consumers (via payment gateways as @mhps suggested here. )

NBT is basically a token you buy for buying things on the Internet. It is a currency.

So overall BTC-E should be more interested in NSR than NBT.

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Yes I think it probably is more interested in offering NSR trading to benefit from the success of NBT (and maybe BTCNBT)

NBT points to liquidity.
NSR provides volatility.

Well I totally forgot to mention that since we are aiming at becoming much more liquid that BTC, NBT/crypto starting with NBT/BTC is a premise.

I was hoping some one close to the NuBot maintaining the NuBits pairs could explain it.

But it seems that the trade volume have a stable 5-days cycle since the begging of 2015, it can’t be a random events.

@desrever ?

Here. how can I help? Something strange with trades? what is a stable 5-days cycle?

PS: thank you for being vigilant :slight_smile:

I got this response from btc-e…

“Добрый день Решение уже принято.”

I ran it through Google translate and it says this…

“Hello decision has already been taken.”

I posted my message to them above. I’m guessing this response is referring to Primecoin being delisted and nothing about NuBits.

I got

[xxxxxxxxxxxxx] Adding Nubits to BTC-E
BTC-E Support
Hello no planed

Lol, I read that as hell no.

Well that would have been too easy huh?


I just sent them one.

I guess they need a little more time to realize of good this Nu idea is…