Is there a reason no one trades on ALTS. TRADE?

I was just wondering the reason why non one sells any Nushares on the exchange ALTS. TRADES?

It’s the most recent exchange to add us, so I imagine many people aren’t as familiar with it.

Actually what is “ALTS. TRADES” ? Doesn’t work as a url for me.

Hi SkullandHeadphones,
We are pretty new exchange so there is no much confidence in our platform which results in low trade volume if any. It is understandable with all the recent hack events, however I would like to take a moment and state that we are legit, we are a registered company in Israel ( Coin Systems LTD.) and our systems are rock solid, feel free to message me directly if you have any concerns.


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Which security measures are implemented on your exchange?

peerchemist ill only name a few : cloudflare for ddos, full hdds encryption, 90% cold/offline storage mechanism - transfering funds back to hot wallets are completely manual( and will stay like that), offsite backups, wallets separation, private network for wallets and more.


Thank you for taking the time to reach out to me.
I’ve notice, and as you can tell I like your platform. No concerns, as I’ve already put money in and withdrawal it without any issues from your platform. How do we get people on there to trade? I have some idea and I love working with the underdog.

Wishing you all the best and I can’t wait to see one day your exchange doing very well.


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Hey Dima,

Would you let the NuTeam security expert audit your site? I believe it would be a good way forward to get some Nushares holders endorsements… At the moment I trust your site enough to trade on it, but if you’re to get that green light from that team, I would totally go out of my way to help you…

Best Wishes,

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Hey SkullandHeadphones,
While in general we are not against security audit of our platform and we may order a local 3rd party company to do it for us in the future, we are against exposing our code to strangers over the Internet. We do would like to get more information about the process and the NuTeam and what it requires from and us and may reconsider.

Best Regards,

Hey Dima!

you rock! to be honest I’m a new Shareholder, but from my observation I believe that Woolly Sammoth or Desrever would be good resoures for said audit. Lets try to get them to check, if there not to busy with all the work that’s been going on around here in the last few days.

Quick question, Why not charge a fee and make the NuShare holders your partners? Just a thought, but lets start this conversation and get your Exchange rocking.

Warm Regards,

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I’m putting in a buy order and a sell order to get the ball rolling for you!

Buy Order: 109000 NSR

Sell Order: 100000 NSR

Who wants it!?

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Just to be clear, I’m only selling to try and help this exchange so we can get some nu traders selling and buying, instead of trying to mint any coins. going to transfer more Nushares over so new buyer can come into the NuWay. @ALTS.TRADES please keep my shares safe!


We are here for the long run, we are more interested in expending our user base and not making a quick profit, also it’s too early stage to talk about shares and partners, but we are open minded.
We are doing our best to keep EVERONES coins safe, not just yours.

Hi both @SkullandHeadphones and @ALTS_Trade.
Alts.Trade has been on our radar for a while, since NuBits were added. The exchange is next on my list for developing a wrapper for NuBot. As you can imagine, things have been fairly hectic around here for the last week or so. Throw into that mix a hardware failure that took me out of action for a week and you’ll see why things haven’t moved as smoothly recently.
The NuBot team recently gained a member so we are gaining traction now. I have a few tasks to finish up before starting on a wrapper for Alts.Trade but once I do have one we can see about arranging a custodian to run NuBot on the exchange.

While a security audit would be a nice to have, we haven’t asked the same of any other supporting exchanged. I’m not totally sure I’m the right person for that job and, as we’ve seen in recent events, even a green security light from me won’t necessarily give any benefit should an attack be directed at Alts.Trade. I will be playing around with the API a fair bit while building the wrapper for NuBot and will direct any questions or suggestions towards you @ALTS_Trade if that’s OK?

The releases of NuBot are forecast to come on a more regular basis from now on. I would aim to have the Alts.Trade wrapper ready for verision 0.2.1 or 0.2.2 (0.2.1 being the next release - the overall roadmap for NuBot is here NuBot development roadmap - From 0.1 to 1.0)


I just sign up Ill start trading once price of nsr starts going my price rage deposit ect also ill talk about on few chats too get the ball rolling hope this help


Hi @woolly_sammoth,
It’s great news to hear that we are next on your list, this community couldn’t be friendlier to us and we excited to be part of it.
Of course, you or anyone from here can contact me directly here or at with any question or suggestion.
We are also going to roll a new improved api version in the next 24-48 hours, ill update you once it on.

Regarding the security audit, as I mentioned before we are not against it but we would like it to be done properly.

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Kool wishing you guys the best.

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There hasn’t been anything happening for more than 9 months on this exchange including the NBT/BTC pair. I wonder whether it is appropriate to have this exchange still listed on our exchanges page as there are no deals to be made for a long time.


the reason is simple no volume on but I wouldn’t removed it if its still active users might be trying to find another exchange with the Cryptsy supposed hack but looks more like a inside job to me the amount of the 13k bitcoin are still unspent i personally think he has them trying to get away clean with out being caught he didnt figure out how yet or waiting for damages lawsuits customers liabilities why would a hacker wait to get his 4million worth of bitcoins since 2014 most would of been in the mixer since then