Is Phoenix still there?

His last post was a month ago.


Last login was June 10th

last login was 10d too.
coincidentally last login of @ConfusedObserver was 10d ago too.
My feeling is that @Phoenix has left the community.

my guess is that @Phoenix is still here, but not as @Phoenix :wink:

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it shows june 25 for me

ah, yes, you’re right.

I am still here.

As you can see from my very name, it was always my expectation that my time to be actively involved in Nu would be limited. I came to restore the peg, order and integrity to Nu. I have succeeded. Now what is needed is an orderly hand off to others. The hand off has been in motion for quite some time. I plan to remain mostly silent, although I may still intervene as Chief of Liquidity Operations if circumstances suggest it would be helpful.

I have great confidence in the core team. @jooize, @woolly_sammoth and @sigmike have all done a great job of supporting NuBits over the long term. NuBit circulation has increased about 300% over the last six months. Nu is stable and growing, and I expect this trend to continue.


Do you have the data ?

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