Is Nushares traffic coming back to CCEDK? time to buy some!

Is #NuShares trading about to come back to #CCEDK? Pick up some #NSR when they are still cheap NBT and PPC pairs as well


Are you sure? I’m seeing a last trade occurring on July 5, which is almost a month ago:

Also, the order book is very thin, making it hard to fill orders. The total amount on the book between a spread of 0.000005 and 0.00001, which is an enormous range of 2x, is less than USD $150.

It seems that this topic title, Nushares volume back on CCEDK, is a bit misleading.

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I am sorry @Chronos, I was approached by a couple of well meaning nubits community members, who was asking if I could make people aware of some increase in volume on the Nushares pairs of btc, ppc and nbt. I felt it not really a qiestion of what I was feeling, but more a qiestion of trying to support the interest of Nushares members, helping to maybe point the price back up. I will try not to mention Nushare or Nubits in future, as it seems my attempts ion whichever way are all considered negative, and I accept the message and will not attempt anything similar untill the forum here clearly is asking for it on the forum and not in e-mails and pivate messages!

I guess you could say, if the orderbooks was basicly none existance and then how it is now, you could say volume is back, but then again its really all in the hands of the Nushares holders if volume will be back on these pairs, so I rest my case.

Once again, my fault for thinking I was helping


Ronny, no need to take it so hard. Yes, it seems that someone has recently added some reasonably priced asks to those pair, but Chronos is correct that it’s not volume until a trade takes place. Perhaps you should just change the title of the thread to remove the word volume.

To everyone else, Ronny is not trying to pull one over on you. I put some asks on Ccedk NSR pairs in an attempt to revitalize this market and I told him about it in hopes that he could make people aware of it because I plan to shift any proceeds to the buy side to start rebuilding reasonable spreads on these pairs. I will do this for the next few weeks, until my help is no longer needed. I approached Ronny for the purpose of protecting my privacy but I would rather give up my privacy here than see this turn into tarnishing of Ronny’s reputation. So, if you’d like to start seeing CMC volume from more than just Poloniex and Bter, come help me get this going.


The wording of the thread might be hopeful, but I think now that it’s a question and not a statement it’s appropriate.
I know that there have been hard times in both CCEDK’s and Nu’s past.
Trying to get over that past by trying to help bring Nu (NSR and NBT) some attention is in the best interest of Nu and CCEDK!

Thank you very much for your declaration @pennybreaker and your motivation!

Thank you @ronny for working hard to bring CCEDK back on track - which is in your own interest, but in the interest of Nu as well!

Thank you @ronny and @pennybreaker for your efforts!

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No offense meant. I just like things to be accurate. Thanks for updating the title and opening post.

Perhaps all this discussion has brought some new visitors to CCEDK! :smile:

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Your sharp eye is welcome :wink:

…or made old visitors return, because they were informed about some orders having been placed at the NSR/BTC pair :smiley: