Is NuShare going to be a pump and dump token -- what pattern are we going to see?

This was pretty interesting, as reference:

Don’t buy coins during a pump. Admit you missed that train and stay away.

Buy promising looking coins with low marketcaps and growth potential and be patient. Don’t buy after the marketcap has risen 100x already.

If a coin is being hyped and praised as the second coming of satoshi, stay away. Even if it is a legit project, the dump will come and you can buy in cheaper.

Don’t panic because the coins you are holding haven’t doubled in price an hour after you bought them or they have stumbled in price. Crypto is cyclical. Only the pure pumps and dumps die completely. Coins with solid development and community support rise (and fall) again eventually.

When you are holding a coin whose 6 month price charts looks like the black line below, sell where those red arrows are pointing.