Is Nubits dead?


And I mean “dead” as in “it will probably not recover the peg in the short or mid term”.


Please look at the charts and tell us what you think :wink:


NuShares are up 400% in the last three months. That’s an outstanding return for anyone who put trust in our network when the outlook looked poor. If you invested in NuShares at the bottom in early 2017, and sold at the top in early 2018, you made a 15,000% return. Some people turned $100 investments in NuShares to over $10,000 in just a year. NuShares are the most volatile crypto. There is no reason such an outstanding bull market can’t happen again.

USNBT is also up 60% from its lows a couple months ago.

The Liquidity Operations team is working on a trading bot to bring in ongoing trading profits from market making and later arbitrage. We are trading USNBT but plan to expand to other assets soon. We are going to use profits from these trading operations to support the price of USNBT by buying them on the open market regularly and burning them. We hope to begin quite soon. We have a trading fund valued at $116,000 USD. Watch for more details.


Uptrend Nubits team appear , down trend they gone . Looking at Mar 2018 they said. And now over 1year price usnbt is 0.05$ :grin: