Is it possible to mint NuShares, but still keep them on a cold wallet (offline)?

I don’t want to put a significant amount of NuShares on my minting machine, but I still want to be able to vote 100% of my full potential. Is it possible to keep some NuShares on a cold wallet (to keep them safer) and still mint?

So called cold wallet minting is currently not possible. You will have to move all your NuShares to a hot wallet to vote to 100% of your potential. However, the cold minting code is ready to get tested with the Peercoin 0.5 release: I suspect that this code will be added soon after successful testing has occurred.


can we add this to FAQ?


Question: Is it possible to mint NuShares while keeping them in a cold wallet (offline)?

Answer: It is not currently possible to mint NuShares while they are in a cold wallet. However, it is possible this may change in the future once cold minting is introduced and tested in similar proof-of-stake projects like Peercoin. Don’t worry though: it is safe to mint NuShares in a hot wallet as long as the wallet is encrypted with a strong password of sufficient character length.

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Side effect from this might also be an increase in shareholders voting. I can imagine shareholders not or rarely voting due to the perceived risk of having to take NSR (and also BKS) out of cold storage.