Is it possible to DDoS attack B&C exchange?

There are always some competitors wanna disturb our business if B&C attract enough customers and cut down traditional exchanges profit.

It is said that B&C transaction fee is based on the storage size consumed, a brilliant design! This scheme will attract big traders because the more value, the lower transaction fee. This can also stop spam attack by sending a large number of tiny orders which fills our process ability.

Discussion from Jordan Lee and a bitcointalk community member here:

In short: it would be very difficult if not impossible to DDoS the exchange, assuming signers set up their operations correctly.

Jordan said:

I suspect most reputed signers will operate within the Tor network, which is very easy to do. Even if they don’t use any proxy, determining which node is theirs is a difficult task that only organizations like NSA could hope to have any success at (if they cared to devote resources to it). Therefore, the premise of your scenario, that reputed signer IP addresses will be known, is false.[/quote]

So as long as the signers hide their IP well, the DDoS attack is very impossible.

I have an idiea, if we can provide a anti-DDoS tool, the NBT/BKC will have a killer application.You know in this world lots of servers(with IP/DNS exposed) suffer DDoS, this kind of attack even becomes an industry: some one can hire experienced hacker to DDoS attack comercial competitors.

If we could stop DDoS by cryptos, a new world is opened for us.

Assume a hacker wanna DDoS attack a server, thousands of zombie” machines controled by this hacker will send out request to the victim server, consume bandwidth, cpu resource etc. Now, in this emergency the server can turn on “crypto-protect mode”, demand every request to pay a small quantity of NBT in advance, the tx record, otherwise the server will ignore any request and spend no resource at all.

DDoS, ie Distributed Denial of Service, may have a new meaning, the distributed exchange(B&C) refuse to serve any one without payment in advance. LOL

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we can see DDoS is very complicated and hard to defend, usually it cost a lot to defend.

The crypto may be the key to resolve this issue, as a server, I don’t care where the attack comes from, what type of attack they bring up, GIVE ME MONEY IN ADVANCE to show your honest. In furture, the browser (IE, chrome, safari)may integrate a NBT wallet where a small mount of NBT storaged in it, if a server is turn on “protection mode”, the browser automatically send a tiny NBT to the server and get passed.

We can also develope a “pay first” email system, if anyone wanna send me an email, plz send me some NBT , otherwise reject any coming email. In this way, we eliminate spam email for ever.

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A similar paywall-style service called already, but using crypto instead of fiat would make it more streamlined. I have no idea if they’ve been successful or not, but it would be a good case to review if you’re serious about conducting a feasibility study.

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bitmessage has its own proof of work protocol and can use namecoin to fend off spam attack, I think.

@Ben, I am not internet expert, so feasiblility study is beyond my experience. Perhaps we need to modify the TCP/IP ptotocol, as far as you known, is this possible? @sigmike @JordanLee

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