Is it okay to tell other people about NuBits?

Did you know that if you Google “stable crypto” (without quotes), NuBits does not even show up on the first page? I think it is time to focus on some efforts to manage search engine optimization.

It seems like the majority of the content related to NuBits is here on the forum (is that right?) but there is an outdated Wikipedia page that needs some love as well.

This raises a few questions and ideas:

  1. Who is the target market for NuBits?
    Who could benefit from NuBits? Tell me everything about those people and how they spend their time and why they would benefit from NuBits. What are they interested in and worried about? Where do they spend their time online?

  2. How can we provide value to our target market?
    What problems are they trying to solve? What content could we create that would catch their attention and solve a problem for them? The Nu network has value already, but few people are aware of this. We can also provide value in other ways–if our target market is men in their 20’s from northern Europe who are trading cryptocurrencies, maybe we will offer a cool free guide to trading cryptocurrencies. Or, maybe we offer interviews with people who run top exchanges. If our target market is people from countries facing financial instability, maybe we write a short eBook about how to preserve the value of your money in whatever country, in their language.

  3. What keywords would help our target market find Nu?
    What has worked so far? Are we using Google Analytics to pay attention to how people are finding and what they do when they get here? Are we using Facebook Tracking Pixels to monitor engagement and build audiences for future marketing?

  4. We need to create a lot of relevant, high-quality content. should have pages about everything related to stable cryptocurrency. We should make a list of topics that should be covered, and write or pay for well-written articles that will show that we are an authority on our topics. Each page should have no more than 3-5 relevant keywords included–used in the titles, URLs, and content–with metadescriptions that appeal to real people who would be searching for the topics. Articles should not be focused on selling NuBits, just on providing real value to searchers. Content should be nu :wink: so that we don’t run into problems with any pandas.

  5. How can we build an active social community that engages our target market and builds trust?
    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that our target market is not the engaged participants on this forum. The forum here is great, but it serves a separate purpose. Is our target market on Facebook? Are they somewhere else? We need to post regularly, and match our content to the place that we’re posting.

  6. Is there some paid advertising that may be worthwhile?
    It is probably best to try budget options to start with. Did you know that through Facebook advertising it is possible to advertise to extremely specific groups of people? We could literally target men in their 40’s from France who “like” Ethereum and Doge.

I have had many other thoughts about this topic, but I think this is a good start.

Where are we at with all of this? Who wants to help?

@tomjoad @nubition @Halcyonic @Nagalim and anyone else who is interested!
I would love to hear your thoughts on these topics.

There is so much innovation and cool stuff happening here that it just doesn’t make sense to keep it a secret anymore.


Hi KateParker. Always nice to see more people thinking through a marketing lens on the forum.

Counterpoint in my defense: “Stable Digital Currency” has NuBits as the top 2 search results in the entire world, and 5 of the top 9. Our branding tagline has been “The World’s First Stable Digital Currency”, and now “The World’s Best Stable Digital Currencies” with the upcoming releases of our new NBT products pegged to the Yuan, Euro, and SDR. I think we’ve succeeded in establishing NuBits’ branding attributes, although you’re correct we could improve its ties to “cryptocurrency” as a term.

Agreed, it does not capture 10% of the innovation we’ve done here. What’s needed is someone who is comfortable editing Wikipedia to create a forum thread here, so that our community can contribute content.

There are currently no marketing contributors being paid by the network since our monthly expenditures were reduced. If you have a background in SEO and online advertising, I would encourage you to consider putting together a contract proposal for shareholders. You could promise to deliver a full Wikipedia page, X amount of dollars worth of Facebook advertising to a target group, and any other contributions you think would strengthen our position for a certain grant of NuBits.

The Wikipedia page in particular I think ought to be our highest priority, and I would be inclined to support a proposal from someone willing to get it done.

Back when I was a paid contributor, I regularly monitored Google Analytics. The Exchange pages dominated the traffic, followed by our effective FAQ section and white paper. It lent credence to the idea that traders and speculators are the people most interested in NuBits right now.

In my opinion, paid advertising in the cryptocurrency space is usually prohibitively expensive and ineffective. Advertorials are transparently desperate and likely to degrade the brand. I’ve identified a couple opportunities in the past, such as our paid sponsorship of the Daily Decrypt show, that have worked out well.

The issue has always been that NuBits are generally well-known among hardcore Bitcoin enthusiasts, but don’t garner much interest as they can’t be speculated on. @JordanLee is correct in his assessment that the first market we need to capture is traders. The upcoming full release of B&C Exchange will be a better advertisement for NuBits than just about any other medium.


I would suggest: Public evangelism that would boost the global reputation of NuBits.
Too few associates dare to speak publicly of Nu due to its sensitivity?
What are the risks here? I dont assess them to be significant


@KateParker Highly appreciate your questions and suggestions. I would support you to lead an effective PR compaign if you are interested.


Just adding my support as well.

FYI Have done some advertising of our NuDroid wallet in the past but going forward I could definitely use some expertise to better position/sell this project as part of a wider Nu campaign. I can contribute the allocated marketing funds from the latest NuDroid grant to it.


Great topic, thank you @KateParker!

I think one of the important things that needs to be done is update to, it’s detrimental to direct people here if half of the content is missing or outdated.

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I am happy to see some positive responses to my post. :smiley:

@tomjoad - Thank you for your thoughtful reply.

That’s great! That is important, and I can see that you have worked hard to do a lot for the Nu community.

I agree that Wikipedia is a good place to start. I will create another forum thread here for the purpose of curating relevant material.

Your insights here provide some useful context. It sounds like traders and speculators are likely our target market.

I agree.

@crypto_coiner - Great suggestion! I agree that more public conversations about Nu would be beneficial.

@mhps and @Cybnate - I appreciate your support. I will prepare my plan for a Nu campaign. I will also read more about NuDroid and think about how we can generate excitement around that project as part of the broader campaign.


Absolutely. Unfortunately this is problematic for new visitors and also for search engines. In a space where new blockchains are always coming and going it is excellent that Nu has been around for a while. To benefit from that history we need to present it with evidence that we’re still here.


You are so right!
Unfortunately most of the people here are busy with trying to keep the system running, trying to improve or create processes to increase automation, etc. that there’s little capacity for marketing and spreading the word beyond occasional posts on reddit or other places.
I very much appreciate a new face here in the forum, who strikes a nerve!

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also, for new people installing a wallet on their machines, it would be worthwhile to provide a bootstrap file with current synched blockchain.


Very recently I stumbled upon this website which seems to have features, that the Nubits website lacks (e.g. link to bootstrap file, which is hosted on github), or which are under construction (moving the content to github).

I like the clean appearance of that site layout!

@coingame, will reworking the NuBits website alter the layout or mainly the way the content is stored and provided?
How do others like the layout and usability of
Is that somwthing we could try to lean on?


The layout is going to be the same from what I understand. They’re making it so that it will be very easy to update the content using markdown. Though if there’s good abstractions between the layout and content it should be very easy to make changes. Since it will be hosted as a github page anyone can fork the repo and test layout changes, then submit them as a pull request to immediately update the site. We’ll have to wait and see what SCF comes back to us with though. I’ve been very lax on the delivery timeline in the hopes they’ll give us something flexible to work with.

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Let’s wait for that then.

There’s no need to hurry.
I didn’t intend to push you or them.
I was just trying to give an impression how others do it, because I found their layout and content appealing (including the fact that they host it on github).

No worries. I just wanted to share my hopes that giving them extra time will provide us a more desirable/flexible result.