Is B&C possible to become a "paypal" company?

In B&C exchange, the customers’ BKC ID are their only idenfication.

If alice and Bob are both customers of B&C, Can Alice send 10NBT to Bob without submit to blockchain? In this way, we achieve OFF CHAIN instance & high volume transaction, the transferred NBTs are still multi-sig by 16 signers.

Open transaction has been trying to do this for years.

If we have stable currency NBT and off chain instance transfer mechanism, bright future!


But they would need to use B&C blockchain right? Could you give an instance?

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Sabreiib, could you give a more detailed description?

For example, I’ve sent 10 Btc to B&C to place ltc buy order, those 10btc held by 16 signers before my transaction is completed, and you also have 20btc held by the same 16 signers.

Now I wanna send you 1btc. Can I inform 16 signers that just update our balance? i.e. , those 16 signers confirm I have 9 btc and you have 21 btc now.

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This may or may not be the original line of thinking, but could B&C facilitate better transactions than than can be performed in a given crypto’s native blockchain?

i.e.: if Bitcoin hits its 1 mbyte limit and/or spam problems continue, could individuals or companies move Bitcoins between each other on B&C and either get better transaction fee rates or faster confirmations?

I understand if this is out-of-scope for any initial effort. I am curious how far the design can be pushed.

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I think it’s beneficial for B&C Exchange if the discussion takes place at a location with a broader audience:

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I don t know if B&C could offer cheaper fees or faster confirmations but someone could have a bitcoin wallet without downloading the whole blockchain and without having to trust a server I feel.
This is linked to this .