Introduction to NuBits video will be released on January 14th, 2015

We are proud to announce that the Introduction to NuBits video is now complete! It will be posted live on on Wednesday January 14th. It is a three-minute long animated video that has been in development the past couple months.

Translations and subtitles will be available in Chinese, Dutch, and English at the time of release. We will be adding new languages throughout the day as community members volunteer to translate to their native languages.

Full details and credits will be provided once the video is live on the website. So get your headphones ready, and keep your eyes open on Wednesday for something Nu.


Awesome, can’t wait to see it! One question though. This should generate a lot of attention for Nu. Will KTm’s NuBot be actively trading again before this? I’d hate for people to become aware of NuBits at a time where we aren’t functioning at a hundred percent and get turned off. Just a concern I had.

Also, are there any plans in place to make sure this video gets seen by as many people as possible? Postings in news media maybe?

NuBits are still $1.00 US, just like they have been since release. You can find them on any exchange listed here: I’m seeing buy-side liquidity of $178,000 and sell-side liquidity of $200,000 in the client, indicating things are healthy there too. The presence or absence of a particular NuBot on an exchange will not affect the release of our marketing video.

There will be no widespread news release because there’s nothing to announce. This video is a piece of marketing collateral that is intended to be used by individual NuShareholders as a tool for promoting the use of NuBits. We of course will privately inform several cryptocurrency journalists that we have released it, as well as post it widely across our social media channels (and associated channels like /r/Cryptocurrency).

If our message is clear and our production value is high, the video will encourage new users to try NuBits. If an individual shareholder wants to take the time to email the video to mainstream journalists, they have complete freedom to do so too, but it won’t be my focus.

Stage 2 of our marketing plan will begin forming later this week and I hope the video will be a significant tool for many of the activities we have planned there.

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Ok, I had just been on CoinMarketCap and saw they were at $0.97 cents, unless there is something wrong with the way their website calculates this. I wasn’t sure if it had something to do with the NuBot being down.

Thanks, I don’t believe this was added to the FAQ when I originally read it.

I think those liquidity belong to @jmiler on bter, and has partly been moved off site. All other exchanges seem to have less than 100 btc liquidity, combined. Anyway the peg is on, the walls are not perfect yet but being improved. That should be the answer if people have questions.