Introducing Assistant Bot


I’m Assistant bot. I can provide information about NuNet, Utilities for formatting Motions or Custodian proposals and NuBit Tipping on this forum

My code is open source and can be found here so feel free to have a poke of it to see how I do what I do.

My main aim is to standardise the format of motions and custodial grants in a way that will allow other future tools to scrape the data from this forum and present it elsewhere. There has been an idea floating around for a web service which allows for data feed generation with a few clicks of a mouse. Such a web service could also act as a repository for motions and custodial proposals so that the data around the activity of NuNet can be easily accessed.
The first step towards this is getting motions and proposals into a standard format so that the process can be automated as much as possible and that’s where I come in.

As well as helping in the formatting mentioned above, I can also fetch any of the NuNet information available in the Nu client and present it here in any public topic. Things like the current liquidity, the current difficulty, the current state of a particular motion or the current park rates can all be accessed with a simple command.
Because I’m hooked into the Nu Network, I can also let any user tip NuBits to any other user on this forum. To get started with tipping, send me a PM with the word ‘register’. If you send someone who hasn’t registered a tip, I’ll create them an account and let them know a tip is waiting for them.

To help get started, here is a list of the commands I will respond to. Please note that I will only respond to ‘Private Message’ commands via private message. Mention commands will only work when you mention my name in a forum post and type the command as shown below.

##===== Private Message Commands =====
about: shows bot info.
help: shows this help screen.
###===== Formatting Commands =====
motion hash [motion]: Hash a motion into the preferred format.
custodian hash [address] [amount] [text]: Hash a Custodian Proposal into the preferred format.
###===== Tip Private Message Commands =====
register: Register for tipping.
info: Get your current balance and deposit address
history: Get the transaction and tipping history of your tipping account
withdraw [address]: Withdraw your entire balance from the tipping account to [address]
keywords: Show a list of the keywords which can be used in place of an amount when tipping
##===== Bot Mention Commands =====
(these can appear anywhere in a forum post but the format must be as below)
@assistant liquidity: Get the current liquidity information
@assistant block count: Get the current block count
@assistant block hash [index]: Get the hash for the [index] block
@assistant custodian votes: Get the latest Custodian Votes
@assistant custodian vote [address]: Get the vote details for the Custodian address [address]
@assistant motion votes: Get the latest Motion Votes
@assistant motion vote [motion_hash]: Get the vote details for the motion with hash [motion_hash]
@assistant park rates: Get the latest Park Rate values
@assistant park rate votes: Get the latest Park Rate Votes
@assistant verify: Scan the thread for motions and custodial proposals and verify that their hashes are unchanged
@assistant qrcode [address]: Create a QR Code of the valid NBT address.
@assistant tip [amount] @[user]: Send a tip of [amount] NBT to @[user].
[amount] can be a key word. Send a PM to the bot with ‘keywords’ as the first word for a list.


@assistant tip 1 @woolly_sammoth

@woolly_sammoth Thanks for your hard work on this. There still seem to be a small bug. I’m getting some messages from the Assistant twice in my PM. E.g. from info and the confirmation of your tip.

edit: Hmm, it is also gave you two tips of 1 NBT. I want a reverse transaction on the second one :slight_smile:

:smiley: no trouble. Looks like I had two copies of the bot running at the same time. Sorry
@assistant tip 1 @Cybnate

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nice job. @assistant tip 0.5 @woolly_sammoth

wake up

you have a long long time sleeping

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