Instructions video for setting up Peercoin wallet for dividends

Hello, everyone!

I am a bit stuck with trying to set up the Peercoin wallet for receiving my dividends on a Mac.

I did try doing what the guide here says:
plus the guide here:

the part about the nu.conf file seems unclear and I would not like to lose all my Nushares just because I made a mistake. It cannot be that I am the only one facing this problem. This is why I am thinking, wouldn’t it be a good idea to create an instructions video for this on the official Nu youtube account (, so that the people, that join the community later on would have an easy to understand guide for this? After all, any proper Nushare holder wants to receive their dividends.

I can’t think of a setting that you can include in the nu.conf file that would result in a loss of shares. Perhaps using a very easy to guess RPC username and password AND having a pre-existing malware (that has never been seen, or even rumored to be in the wild) that is looking to use RPC…

But I digress.

What part in the instructions is unclear? I’m more than willing to make sure you’ve got it working right and then update the documents to clarify the items that are giving you a problem.

Thank you for your reply, Ben!

I spent some time on this again today and finally managed to connect the two wallets.

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From your experience do you have any suggestions on how we can improve the documentation?

Well, the first issue that I faced was the fact that the Application Support folder was by default hidden, so it did not show up in the finder search. (instructions on how to show hidden files:

The second issue was that TextEdit by default saves the documents created as Rich Text documents - if you try changing it to a .conf document, it causes the wallet to bring up the error of “the application closed unexpectedly”. What you need to do is go to the preferences of TextEdit and in the New Document tab select Plain Text. That can then be renamed to a .conf file and it works just fine.

I realise these two problems are very likely caused just by my lack of technical knowledge, but it did cause a lot of irritation on the way though.

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Well I don’t think it would hurt to add those bits to the documents for less technical users. Thank you for the feedback.