Instant order BTC to or from USD enabled on CCEDK

Order your bitcoins or receive USD with our newly created Instant order funtion on

How does it work?

1. First click on Instant orders next to limit orders

2. Enter the BTC you want exchanged to USD and then click on fetch prices(we should probably change to Request price)

3. Once the suggested price shows, you are now able to click on buy, and you should have the USD to buy whatever else you wish to use it for.

is it similar to market orders somehow?

hello Des,

In lack of liquidity on the pair, we offer users the possibility to buy or sell bitcoins to or from USD instantly on the base of reserves provided by investors, basically same investors supporting us with the bitcoin pool of 1000 btc we launched as initiative back in may 2014. Pricing is based on rates picked up by various sources.