Instant exchange services like ShapeShift?


Is there any chance for this (almost like ShapeShift/Changelly) exchange to be resumed offering USNBT and other Nu products?

Is the former operator @henry still interested?

P.S. I guess Nu products lack instant exchange support and that is a really serious deficiency yet to be solved…

Nulagoon certainly is a good start…

[ANN] NuLagoon Tube resumed operation today

We’ve been contacted by a few such services. I haven’t announced them because I didn’t know how trustworthy they are.


Would be great to hear from users with positive experiences with one of these. These exchange are relatively new and don’t have much of a track record. Please be careful if you are trying them out and use small amounts or what you can afford to loose.


Nice. However does not seem to offer NBT conversion, it seems.


Has anyone tried trading Nubits using at least one of those exchange services yet?

Any recommendation, approval, point of view?


I’ve tested CoinSwitch, and added them to our listed exchanges. I’ll try the others out. I’m gaining confidence in them after some correspondence.

Notice that USNBT is available at Changelly as NBT.