Insight block explorer: Worth a fork?

FuzzyBear just posted this on the Peercointalk trollbox:

FuzzyBear [26|Sep 03:02 pm]: really nice block explorer that is open source that would be nice to see forked for peercoin

It is based on and I think it just looks gorgeous .

To my mind, Nu could really use an open source, fully functional and well designed block explorer which can easily be installed and thus distributed.



oh, very interesting solution, I did not know insight. It looks good yep. How much work is it needed to make a fork?

I’m not really sure tbh.

We would need a bitcore equivalent for nu at first… We don’t have one don’t we?
I remember seeing a nubitsj, bit no nucore.

bump, i believe this is important

this is another option

Peercore has not been a well supported project according to mably. It would be nice for us to do something ppc can use.

I don’t have a bitcointalk account (their preferred method of contact), so I would be happy if someone else could contact them to get a quote.