Increased orphans

The number of orphaned blocks are on the rise since the release:
Is there an explanation for this? The POS diff chart doesn’t show any trend which means the minting stakes are not increasing significantly.

We’re aware of it. We’re discussing the problem internally and testing solutions. There is nothing conclusive at the moment.

It may be caused by the coin distribution. As we know, the initial coin outputs are all the same 10000 coins each output, and the minimal and maximum coin days for minting is 7 days. We can imagine there are too many “stakers” with 10000 * 7 coin days owning the same probability are competing the next block. So orphaned blocks is not strange. As NSR distributed and time goes on, there will be more outputs with more than 10000 coins and imbalanced coin output distribution will be achieved, it’s expected a low orphan block probability.

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