Important bug in reputation rewards

At the moment, the network has selected 3 reputed signers to be eligible for block rewards. However, only Sabreiib (address 8XQaJSXNFk5kijspiphx17EdET6QuDPi2a) is actually receiving rewards. The second and third most reputed signers should be receiving regular rewards, but there are no transactions on those two addresses (8Yq1JGmKAm4qyitx6atpUz1QQqqFm5Ki19 and 8KXAthBdtPWokQRXB93FzPTKvBH5WXdTxV). It would appear that only the top signer gets rewarded in reality.

@sigmike can you comment on this bug report please?

I looked quickly at the most recent blocks and 8Yq1JGmKAm4qyitx6atpUz1QQqqFm5Ki19 did receive the reward from block 557273 to 557358.

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can we vote the eligible number to 15?

Not sure, if that is smart at this early stage, but 6 or 7 would be reasonable as we have 7 more or less reputed members published their addresses right now.