Implementing In-App Alerts for important announcements

Bitcoin client has a feature that has been used for a while to provide important news/announcement in the client : Alerts ( )

Do we have something like this available for the Nu Client? It could serve the purpose of broadcasting important communication directly to shareholder / bitholder wallets.

What are your thoughts?

A cursory look into the Bitcoin code indicates that the files needed to send out a broadcast notification to all of the clients (on an ad hoc basis) is not currently in Nu.

For future reference, if needed, here are the instructions that I was able to find for how it is done (or, was done, at one point) in Bitcoin.

We can send alerts. We just need to change the allowed key. I opened an issue for that.

Jordan doesn’t want the alert system because it’s centralized so it was disabled.

Yes, that system allows a single private key to control messages, so it is centralized. However I still believe that a system to communicating to shareholders important upgrades or motions should be implemented.

That’s why we have motions after all. Can we think of a solution that would be in control of shareholders rather than a single private key?