I'm Selling About 900 BlockShares for 1 mBTC Each

I just wanted to get some more visibility on this. I’ve put up a sell order at https://nulagoon.com/ for around 900 BlockShares at 1 mBTC each. I want to put my money back into Peercoin, so if somebody here is interested and still has hope that Nu will turn around B&C’s situation, please take these shares off my hands. I have the lowest sell order on there and have more to sell as well. For some reason I couldn’t put them all on order at the same time.


I’d like to sell mine too. Why not. I’ll match his price after he has sold his first.

Bump. NuLagoon has been dead since I posted this, so I just wanted to say that these are still for sale.

They’re worthless.

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Yeah I know, but I was hoping somebody else felt differently. I guess I’m stuck with them. :frowning:

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BlockShares have had very low liquidity since the Augeas default disrupted funding and development. I certainly don’t consider the project dead by any means. My expectation is that as NSR rises, we will have enough funding to make another attempt. @sigmike can probably offer a more expert opinion of what it will take to finish it in terms of funding, but just briefly, I’m planning on revisiting the matter in earnest once NSR is around 50 satoshis (at current Bitcoin pricing).

I remain convinced that B&C Exchange is technically viable and very much needed and useful.