Identity management

An idea I’ve had for a while, but haven’t seen discussed. Instead of manually choosing which addresses you send from—which is really a hassle and prone to mistakes—you would create identities in the wallet and let the software handle which addresses to use.

Say I create the identities Nu-Mike and Peercoin-Jack because I want to separate my involvement in these communities for whatever reason. All transactions using either one would not show in or be linked with the other. You could of course have a master view for everything.

I also want a more streamlined experience for getting a new address. A button, say “Get address” that creates a new address for the current identity and displays it selected for copy–pasting.

People shouldn’t have to care about which address was used for what, but they should have the ability, which the address label is useful for.

Identity management is what I thought Sunny King meant with “avatar mode” (vs “coin control”), but I didn’t find or get any conclusive answer when I mentioned it some time ago.

I suggest you experiment with getaddressesbyaccount RPC command. Maybe that is what are you looking for.

Several wallet clients are moving towards onename integration