Identifying Grant Proposals

The protocol can differentiate between votes cast for one custodial grant proposal from another easily using the <grant address> + <amount> structure. For (most) humans, I’d wager that it’s easier to describe and discuss a proposal with a name or number in the middle of a discussion:




than it would to use

Bb1MQPPXcQWgUdtyVxy1EkoQR4MyxZDP + 247900


BFengGPU6zhuRsuS8RRBWP2Ux8n4tEYB5x + 12650

This would be a purely cosmetic syntax for use here on the forums. I don’t have a good solution yet to this (perceived) problem, and I’d like the Community’s feedback.

Is this a concern, and if it is, do you have any recommendation on a format to use?

I like the idea.

I would add a hyperlink to the discussion topic / gist / repository . Ideally a plugin that allows me to tag grants as I tag people : I imagine it that, as I type “@CG…” It will feed me with suggestions and I see the complete name of the grant proposal.

Actually, now that I think about it, it can be done now without any lines of code : just create a new forum user for each proposal, with the short description as full name .

When clicking it, the profile of the fake user gets open and there we should find info on the grant proposal.

What about it?

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I like your suggestion for developing a plugin for the community. It would be very useful.

Would this make a good candidate for a bounty?

it will :wink: